MOP has four major campaigns and our Local Organizing Committees (LOC) are meeting bi-monthly to strengthen, build relationship, and deepen our understanding in the issue areas:

1) Champion 4 Education (C4E): The LOC seeks to improve local schools by actively engage with school districts in the areas of LCFF, LCAP, parent engagement, and restorative practices. To participate in the LOC, please contact Nomtsia at 261-2358.

2) Health 4 All: Local residents and partners are working to improve health 4 All for everyone, regardless of immigration status. The residents come from Merced, Atwater, Winton, Delhi, and Planada. To participate in the LOC, please call Crissy at 626-0631.

3) Youth 4 Change: The campaign includes 5 congregations that...
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