Individual Reflections

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Letter to the Editor

Well, the Travon-Martin—Zimmerman case is over.  While I believe that they jury followed the law I still cannot see how they can hold him blameless.  Saying that they both were wrong does not satisfy me (as one juror stated).  Here were six mothers (all of one race) that composed the jury.  The fact remains that someone is dead.

Due to the publicity of the case another case was forgotten about but the trial will start this week and this is about a 76 year old man shooting a 13 year old black boy in Milwakue, Wisconsin because he thought that he stole $3000.00 worth of his guns.  The boy was taking out the garbage at 10:30 in the morning when the man confronted the boy about it and the boy told him he didn’t do it the man pulled out a gun adn shot the boy point blank.  When the police arrived he was still holding the gun.  Whe the police told him to put the gun down he did and said, “yeah, I shot him.”  Why is it always black people getting shot?  If i did that they would probably wouldn’t even try me.  Just execute me.

Now there are some of you who will say that I’m being a racist.  You are wrong.  I am black and I am scared.   How would you feel (and I don’t care what color you are) if someone started targeting your people because of the color of their skin?  It sends a message that if you are black or brown you are expandable.  In short, you don’t count.

Now, he’ll probably go free because he is pleading insanity and he’s seventy-six, which doesn’t hold with me because I’m seventy-six and I know I wouldn’t shoot anyone over something like that.  To Protect my wife and family, yes!  And even that would be hard for me to do considering the fact that I don’t even own a gun.

Walter L. Caldwell 16 July 2013