Why Invest in Silver Today?

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It is natural and prudent for an investor to wonder if a certain asset is a great investment or not. This is especially a fact for silver since it is a small market as well as does not carry the same as gold. However, at present, there are reasons why you should consider adding physical silver to your investment portfolio. Below are the reasons why investors must purchase silver today:

Silver is the Real Money

Silver might not be part of our currency, yet it’s still money. As a matter of fact, silver and gold are the ultimate form of money for the reason that it cannot be made out of thin air like digital or paper forms. Real money means having physical silver, not certificates or ETFs or contracts for futures. These are paper investments that do not carry the same benefits you will find in the report. Physical silver is like gold and a store of value. Here are the reasons why:

Silver has long-term use. A scan on the history of monetary shows that silver has been used in the coinage more often than the gold bullion.

Silver hasn’t been defaulted on. If you have a physical silver, you basically have no default risk.

Silver has no any counterparty risk. If you’re holding some physical silver, you do not need another party to make good on promise on a contract. It’s not the case with bonds or stocks or any investment.

Silver is Not Expensive

Silver is much affordable for average investors but as a precious metal, it will help you keep your standard of living as perfect as gold. If you cannot afford to purchase an ounce of gold, having silver can be the ticket for you to hold several precious metals. It’s also a good thing for gift-giving.

Silver is Hard Asset

Among the investments you own, do you wonder how many you can hold in your hands? In the world of paper profits, currency creation and digital trading, silver stands in contrast as one of some assets that you may carry with you anywhere you want. It may be as confidential and private as you want. What you should know is that physical silver is a tangible hedge against all kinds of cybercrime and hacking. This Toronto gold and silver dealer was very instrumental in helping me understand this!

Silver is Much Practical for Daily Small Purchases

Silver is not only cheaper to buy, yet can be more practical once you have to sell. Someday, you do not want to sell a full ounce of gold to meet a small financial need. And when this happens, you might want to enter the industry of silver. Since it comes in small denominations compared to gold, you may sell only what you need or want at the time. Each investor must have silver around for the season. Just remember that silver bullion can be purchased virtually from any parts of the globe.

Silver investing isn’t challenging as you think. But, just like anything else, you have to be a wise investor.